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Ok, more than a week has passed and I've still nothing back from the sinvention folks than their automated, "we recieved your enquiry" letter.
I wrote to them a couple days back and asked if they had indeed gotten my query to begin with, and thoroughly scanning my spam box just-in-case notwithstanding, I've still heard zilch. 

Sooo.. I must assume they are rich beyond avarice and have no interest in my business.   Therefore, the moola that was going to go to the breast bondage cuffs has now been spent on three nice foundation corsets.


There are more elegant ones out there, as well as some that can stand up to a lot more pressure and rough use, but for starters, these were nice and the price point didn't break me, though for 3 of them, it may have come close.. :) .  I'll think about the more fancy ones later, when I feel a bit happier with my bod.  Though I could have gotten grander designs than these for the same price, I just wanted basic stuff that I can easily wear under my clothes without worrying about the delicacy of the fabric.

I'll let you know when they arrive and how they work out.  I'll also let you know if I ever hear from the sinvention folks as they look like a nice place to do business with and I don't want to overly-dis them if they get back to me even within a month or so.

I've done more with my profile, interests and groups on Fetlife, even being outgoing enough to try to make friends with a couple of people on there.  So far it's going well, so yay! :) 

It'll be nice to have more kink friends to hang out and talk with.  I'm afraid so many of mine are 'nilla (whether they actually are or not!), as we've never talked about anything even faintly sexy, and fifteen-plus years of knowing someone is hardly a time to bring out the taboo subjects!  (Though I would dearly, dearly love to!)   I guess all I'm saying is it's nice to have friends who are also a bit bent, so I don't have to hide that part of my personality from them.  It's also nice just to have kink friends who you don't necessarily have to do kink stuff with, but can hang out with, without worrying about blurting out something inappropriate for 'nilla ears.

That's it.  It's late.  I'll be keeping myself up even later than normal this evening as I am now avidly applying the theory that "If you never go to bed, tomorrow never comes".   My life has been more stressful than normal, as a few of you know, lately and I'd really like to put off tomorrow for a bit longer to have some more down time for myself.   I've proven the theory wrong a multitude of times, but am still hoping to find a loophole in it somewhere...
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