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Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:United States of America
Website:My profile on Fetlife
I'm a kinkster. My main fetish is bdsm related, heavier on the b&d and lighter on the s&m, and enjoying the d&s part of it quite a bit. I scene, as I like to revert to an equal relationship after play, but play has been known to last several days when I'm really feeling subby. I'd mainly describe myself as a sub, but I've also tried on the slave label several times. Mostly, which one I identify with at the moment has more to do with my mood than anything else. I can't be entirely serious even during a scene. Playful, a bit uppity sometimes, and with a sense of humor describes my style best; because some of the things we do with sex are quite silly after all, and I think it's fine to laugh at that.

Here's the FAQ, please read it before asking questions :)

Answers to common questions:

* No, I'm not in any danger / do not need help. I am a consensual sex slave and enjoy things like this.

* They're 40DD

* I'm in my 30's

* from MI, USA

* I do not need a master, I already have one

* I don't do requests, sorry, so don't ask.

* No, I don't watch other cams, no I won't make an exception for you. I lose track of conversation
   and sometimes my connection if I go cam browsing.

* If I show it's because I want to, not because someone is pestering me.

* If I'm not moving, I'm sleeping, not dead, sillybutt.

* Yes the cam is live / what you are seeing is "real"
   Don't ask me to wave, turn cartwheels, etc, to "prove" it's live.
   Watch long enough and you'll be able to tell it's live. I don't stream movies or post pictures. It's all live.
   If I waved to everyone who asked me to, all you'd have is me, sitting there, waving. That's kinda pointless, don't ya think?

* I'm not bi, but women are welcome to watch and comment if they'd like.

* I do like fanmail and descriptions of what you'd like to do to me, so feel free to drop a line.

* The ropework is called shibari and is a Japanese invention.

* If what's on cam bores you, find a different cam to watch.
   Sitting there typing about how bored you are isn't going to solve the problem.
   Some people like to watch tied women "in peril" others don't, quite a few just like to view women who've been rendered helpless
   in this way, and jack off over them because they find it arousing or a power trip to do so. If it's not for you, keep surfin'.

* You get bonus points for directing people who ask these questions to this bio and FAQ.

* No, points aren't redeeemable.

* Declaring yourself as my owner or playmate doesn't make it so, and just makes you look like an idiot.

* People who pester, whine, spam, or post the same thing over and over will just irk me and get banned.

* Just because I'm submissive to my hubby/owner and our playmate does not mean I'm submissive to YOU.

* Don't try to Dom me if you haven't been asked to; I'll ignore you and you'll come off as an ass.

* Being considerate and polite in conversation is the best way to befriend me.

* I'm curious about gangbangs, but only sleep with people I've known and trusted for years, so it's probably not going to happen.
      Yes, this means despite a healthy sexual appetite and perverted interests, I don't do just any or everyone who is willing.
      Frankly, the more gung-ho someone is, especially if I don't know them really well, the more likely they are to scare me off.
      Believe it or not, I'm actually kind of shy.

* Yes, have tried dp, but have not yet been sucessful with it.

* I don't just automatically add everyone who asks me to to my yahoo list. This would just make my yahoo list large and unweildly.
   If I've known you long enough, I'll ask you for your contact info on there.

* Not into: age (youngster) play, scat, watersports, blood play, cutting, permanent scarring, or bestiality
   (this list will likely grow as people ask me weirder and weirder questions.)
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