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Yup, I've snapped into a lengthy sub mode, which means I could probably be fucked for days and not begin to take the edge off of it. I pity the hubby when this happens. He has a decent libido, but when I get like this, it's rather as if I'm channeling all the sexual energy of 10 teenage boys.

I really would like a tag team at times like this, but alas, my friends are all vanilla enough that that would scare the bejeezus out of them.

Got all corseted up last night, my black corset (my favorite one), put on the heavy steel collar, (which is about 3" tall and locks with an allen wrench), threaded the chain of my nipple clamps through one of the attachment hooks on the collar, added a nice cushy gag that has a protuberance on it (I'd call it a penis, but it doesn't even remotely look like one, although I'm sure that's what it's supposed to simulate), which effectively keeps me muted, affixed the leather cuffs to the headboard, and let him take care of fastening them and the nipple clamps.

Nearly immobilized, he then had fun playing with my tits, making them jiggle and watching the clips pull at them, listening to me trying to moan around the gag, running his tongue over them and leaving love bites all over my body in my most sensitive areas, which made me squirm.

He removed the gag once to give me a good face fucking while I lay there, then strapped it back on before lubing up my tits and fucking them for good measure. The pressure of him pushing down against my sternum while thrusting between them while the cold chain of the nipple clips rattled away on top of them felt so incredibly good!  He came all over them, of course, and we had a brief clean-up session before he decided it was time to make me come.

He palmed my cunt and rubbed across my clit, outer labia (to some degree) and pelvic bone -- the combination of which usually brings me off in no short order, but my mind was drifting and I couldn't concentrate enough, so even though he gave it a wonderful effort, I was unable to get there.  I think maybe if we'd been webcasting it would have worked.  I find I like the idea of people getting off while watching me being rendered helpless or in this case, being made to get off.  I'd call it humiliation, but I don't find it humiliating at all.  Perhaps it just adds to the feeling of subby helplessness which I so enjoy.

I enjoy a good ass fuck every so often, usually about twice a year the mood will take me.  I've been in the mood for that now since this whole most recent subby streak hit me.  I've been begging to be ass fucked for weeks now, but he's not up for it.  He's a meanie.  Nothing makes me feel quite so subby as a nice hard cock pushing into me, fucking me hard into the mattress.

Anyway, to get back to the subject at hand, I slept in all that gear last night, which kept me in the mood but doesn't, unfortunately, let me sleep well.  So trussed up next to a master who is sleeping soundly with no one else to tag in for him is really frustrating.  Argh.  At least I got a little play this morning, and he said it was worth me sleeping like that just to be able to wake up and see me that way, so he did appreciate it, I just don't know if it was worth it from my perspective.

Still want to experiment with the sleepy play I talked about so long ago, but don't think this is the way for me to go about it.  I'll have to get used to sleeping trussed up again.  Luckily for us, we recently got a locking bedroom door, so I no longer need worry about the little ones tromping right on in.  That would be difficult to explain! :)
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Ok, more than a week has passed and I've still nothing back from the sinvention folks than their automated, "we recieved your enquiry" letter.
I wrote to them a couple days back and asked if they had indeed gotten my query to begin with, and thoroughly scanning my spam box just-in-case notwithstanding, I've still heard zilch. 

Sooo.. I must assume they are rich beyond avarice and have no interest in my business.   Therefore, the moola that was going to go to the breast bondage cuffs has now been spent on three nice foundation corsets.


There are more elegant ones out there, as well as some that can stand up to a lot more pressure and rough use, but for starters, these were nice and the price point didn't break me, though for 3 of them, it may have come close.. :) .  I'll think about the more fancy ones later, when I feel a bit happier with my bod.  Though I could have gotten grander designs than these for the same price, I just wanted basic stuff that I can easily wear under my clothes without worrying about the delicacy of the fabric.

I'll let you know when they arrive and how they work out.  I'll also let you know if I ever hear from the sinvention folks as they look like a nice place to do business with and I don't want to overly-dis them if they get back to me even within a month or so.

I've done more with my profile, interests and groups on Fetlife, even being outgoing enough to try to make friends with a couple of people on there.  So far it's going well, so yay! :) 

It'll be nice to have more kink friends to hang out and talk with.  I'm afraid so many of mine are 'nilla (whether they actually are or not!), as we've never talked about anything even faintly sexy, and fifteen-plus years of knowing someone is hardly a time to bring out the taboo subjects!  (Though I would dearly, dearly love to!)   I guess all I'm saying is it's nice to have friends who are also a bit bent, so I don't have to hide that part of my personality from them.  It's also nice just to have kink friends who you don't necessarily have to do kink stuff with, but can hang out with, without worrying about blurting out something inappropriate for 'nilla ears.

That's it.  It's late.  I'll be keeping myself up even later than normal this evening as I am now avidly applying the theory that "If you never go to bed, tomorrow never comes".   My life has been more stressful than normal, as a few of you know, lately and I'd really like to put off tomorrow for a bit longer to have some more down time for myself.   I've proven the theory wrong a multitude of times, but am still hoping to find a loophole in it somewhere...


Nov. 4th, 2009 02:49 am
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There's been some more family medical craziness.  I won't be online or posting for a bit, until this all starts to calm back down.


Nov. 1st, 2009 12:11 am
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Nope, the icon looks nothing like me.  Probably none of them will.  But I do have long dark hair, big dark eyes, and a thing for corsets!  :)
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Ok, now that we've got a few responses, (and as I'm writing this beforehand, expositive ones, I hope), I'll continue with part 2.

Regardless of how you answered the previous question, here's a new poser for ya:

Q2) Does a feeling of protectiveness for someone who you either a) like or b) feel neutral toward, ever elicit a feeling of desire (no matter to what degree; a smidgen to very intense) for that person? 

Yes? No? Sometimes? 

If only sometimes, when do you feel that it does vs. when it doesn't?  Is there another factor that needs to be there in order for that desire to be felt?  Is it usually of the same intensity?

Please take your time answering this, because a lot to do with these questions seems to be a no-brainer, gut reaction, but I'd appreciate it if there would be some more thought put into it, because frequently we can come up with some very interesting insights if we don't just parrot back out what society has programmed us to think and feel (or at least to say that we think and feel in such-and-such a way.)  And it can be ever so interesting to find out, after a little bit of thought, that we actually *don't*.  Or even that we do, but may have different reasons for feeling that way than we previously thought.   (Boy, am I getting wordy tonight or what?)

Last bit, which I'm not actually so interested in, but will probably be more fun to answer, why do you think you react that way?
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I started writing this entry with examples going from ages past up through present day, but thought it sounded a little too like a thesis for my comfort, so I'm starting again.

In this re-boot of a question, I'll simply ask two questions.  They are linked (at least *I* think they are), but I'd like you to consider each one as separate from the other.  We'll connect the dots later and see if it comes up with anything interesting.

First. and this question is mainly for the guys, here's the situation:

A woman you know, but have no particular feelings for one way or the other, finds herself in need of help.  For our example, lets say she just injured her ankle -- it may be broken, sprained or merely strained -- we can't tell yet.  In any event, she can't walk on her own and requires your assistance to hobble over somewhere where she can get it looked at.  So, being the nice person that you are, you assist, and help her find a place to sit, possibly going so far as to secure some further help for her.

Q1: Does having rendered help to a person you previously felt neutral toward, make you feel in any way more proprietory and/or protective of her?  Why? Or should your thought processes take you in the other direction, why not? (Sorry, it's sounding like an essay question, which is not what I was intending, but I really do want to know the intracasies.)

Actually, I'll stop with that question until I get a few answers coming in, then I'll throw the possibly-linked-but-considered-separately, question out there to finish up with...
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